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Entellium CRM Software Review

Company Information:
  • Entellium was founded in 2000 and has recently been on a large growth curve.
  • The company manufactures its software offshore in Malaysia. As of mid-2007, Entellium employed approximately 90 people in the US (primarily in its Seattle headquarters) and 115 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • As of June 2007, the company has acquired $34 million in venture funding (primarily from Ignition Partners and Sigma Partners).
  • The company positions itself as a alternative and seemingly acquires a number of converts.
CRM Software Information :
  • Primary hosted CRM functions include lead management, contact management, opportunity management, activity tracking, quotes, forecasting, product database, sales knowledge base, literature management, contract/warranty tracking, shared calendaring, offline access and Outlook synchronization.
  • Software customization capabilities include new custom fields, field values management, customization of business rules and a web services API (application programming interface).
CRM Software products and modules:
  • Rave - a Smart Client (desktop) sales solution designed for groups of up to 10 sales professionals
  • eSalesForce - $50 per user per month
  • eCustomerCenter - $50 per user per month
  • eSuite - a combined eSalesForce and eCustomerCenter suite - $60 per user per month
  • eMobile - $25 per user per month
  • A very strong product for the small business market; A legitimate threat to's Group Edition and possibly Professional Edition.
  • The company differentiates itself by not imposing annual subscription contracts, providing a 99.7% service level agreement (SLA) with financial backing and no upcharge technical support fees.
  • The workflow capabilities are some of the strongest in the software as a service (SaaS) industry.
  • Good user interface design leads to strong user adoption.
  • Head to head competition with may be difficult for Entellium. The company seems to be experiencing success against at the low end, however, continued success is not certain.
  • Limited to SMB companies. In a 2007 review, Forrester Research, who captioned Entellium as a "Leader in Sales Force Automation", also stated that "Entellium is less appropriate for larger or more complex deployments because of significant gaps in customization capabilities including support for custom tabs, custom layouts, and custom calculated fields, which makes it difficult to mold the application to business needs beyond those built into the product."
  • No vertical market solutions.
Key Customers :
  • As of June 2007, the company was reported to have over 300 customers and 5,000 subscribers.
  • Largest customer is Houston-based Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp (this deal was won in 2005 and may reach up to 5,000 users, however, currently has a small portion of that potential upside).
Primary Competitors:
  • Microsoft CRM
  • SugarCRM
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Entellium CRM Software Profile

Corporate Strategy
The company is lead by CEO Paul "PJ" Johnston, a veteran sales professional who seems to bring unique ideas to the SaaS industry. The company is well funded and delivers a primary message of being a alternative. So far, the message seems to be experiencing some success.

Company Positioning
Entellium claims the company incurred more than 67,000 hours acquiring feedback from hundreds of sales professionals in order to thoroughly research usability and ultimately design a customer relationship management application that is simple, easy to use and maximizes productivity. In an unusual move, the company also influenced its CRM design based on gaming applications. Entellium believes that gamers and generation Y are today's salespeople and the gaming intuitiveness and navigation provide users a unique business software application advantage. The company also states that more than 70 percent of the CRM products features have been sourced from customer requests. While we're unsure of the exact claims, we can attest that the product is extremely easy to use and should be welcomed by most sales people.

Company Evolution
In late 2005 and early 2006, Entellium announced an open source strategy that included releasing source code to developers looking to build unique applications. We've not yet seen any progress or results from this program, however, remain hopeful that the company continues its open source strategy. We clearly see some unique offerings from Entellium and acknowledge its low cost/high value proposition. We also like Entellium's eMobile product. Entellium CEO Johnston calls this product a "CRM Under One Thumb" solution as it can be used with one hand - presumably this was also influenced by gamer designs.

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