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Aplicor CRM Review

Company Information:
  • Ownership: Private
  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Software Type: Hosted
  • Aplicor Pricing: Starting at $89 per user per month
Product Information :
  • Aplicor Enterprise is $89.00 per user per month. The monthly fee includes technical support.
  • No long-term contract 'lock-in'.
  • Complete try-it-before-you-buy-it trial programs available.
  • Impressive suite of workflow and customization tools backed with CRM videos.
  • The CRM software has been verticalized for financial services, professional services and Government/public sector.
  • In addition to CRM, Aplicor offers an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) hosted solution. Aplicor and NetSuite are the only two providers of CRM and ERP hosted solutions.
Software products and modules:
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) software
  • Marketing Software
  • Customer Service Software
  • Project Office
  • Offline Edition
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Outlook/Exchange/Lotus Notes Synchronization
  • Office Integration Suite
  • Workflow Processing
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Form Designer
  • Content Management System
  • Focused on serving mid-market and large organizations. Strong global CRM system.
  • Very strong ease of use and very high user adoption.
  • Provides integrated CRM and ERP/accounting hosted solution.
  • Possibly the most advanced workflow, customization and integration tools.
  • Impressive string of product and hosting awards (Aplicor seems to be the most awarded hosted solution in the industry over about the last four years).
  • The only hosting solution with 100% uptime for multiple years.
  • Aplicor's approach of selective client acquisitions may prevent it from ever garnering the critical mass of its competitors.
  • Aplicor enforces a 10 user minimum.
  • Aplicor does not provide a solution for the small business market.
  • The company does not have the name recognition of its much larger competitors.
  • The ERP product is not as strong as the CRM product.
Key Customers :
  • U.S. Department of Commerce (>7,000 users)
  • Cargill (>1,000 users)
  • Synovus (>1,000 users)
  • Baylor University (>1,000 users)
Primary Competitors:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • NetSuite
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Aplicor CRM Software

Corporate Strategy
Aplicor has been providing cloud CRM software solutions since 2003 and hosted ERP/accounting since 2007. The company's strategy is threefold. First, to focus on front-to-back office hosted solutions. Aplicor is one of only two hosted companies that offer real front office CRM and back office ERP hosted solutions (the other company is NetSuite). Second, the company targets midmarket and enterprise organizations - and generally highly decentralized and global organizations. Aplicor's target market is clearly above the small business concentration served by NetSuite. Third, Aplicor provides product advantages in large part from its impressive tools suite. The Workflow Designer permits users to create very flexible business process automation routines. The Forms Designer permits users to customize menus, screens and forms in a non-technical drag-and-drop interface and the Integration services (mostly a collection of loosely coupled XML web services) provide a good means to perform relatively simple integration to legacy applications.

Company Message
Aplicor's message is largely around business impact and post-implementation return on investment (ROI). We've reviewed a number of case studies showing impressive accomplishments and ROI figures. The primary problem with Aplicor's message is that it is not well heard. While the message is appealing, the company doesn't do enough to promote it. While Aplicor is well recognized within the CRM and ERP industry, buyers and other people not in the industry often have never heard of Aplicor. While this is changing slowly over time, Aplicor is well advised to pick up their promotion and advertising.

Vertical Markets
Aplicor has verticalized its CRM and ERP products for Public Sector (Government), Financial Services and Professional Services. The benefit of Aplicor's industry solutions over other CRM industry solutions is that Aplicor's includes both front office (CRM) and back-office (ERP) verticalization. For example, Professional Services includes not just the Project Office and Project Management capabilities in a front office solution, but also the Time and Billing, Project Accounting and Job Costing only available in back-office accounting systems.

Horizontal Markets
While the company has industry specific solutions, the majority of its customers continue to be using horizontal CRM and accounting systems. Aplicor and hold the largest hosting/SaaS customers in the hosting industry. While has more larger customers than Aplicor, Aplicor has a much larger concentration of large customers than (e.g.'s average customer size is less than 20 while Aplicor's average customer size is over 100).

Company Evolution
Something we found interesting was Aplicor's use of Web 2.0 or social media tools to facilitate the company's evolution. Aplicor's use of blogs, customer portals and partner portals along with its measurable goals of using customer content to evolve the products solutions and some strategy items is both unique and admirable. Aplicor has succeeded in delivering an impressive product, acquiring some of the largest hosting clients in the industry and winning more hosted product awards than others, however, it remains an unknown to many. The company should redirect more of its efforts toward promotion or risk not capitalizing on the growth opportunity that its competitors will be trying to capitalize on.

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